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The Professional Association of Climbing Instructors Pty Ltd (PACI) is an Australian based company that specialises in Height Safety Instruction.  PACI was incorporated as a proprietary company limited by shares (Pty Ltd) in Queensland in 1993. Our Australian Company Number (A.C.N.) is 061 622 151.

Although our legal structure is a Pty Ltd private company, we operate as an organisation that provides a range of services to our ‘membership’. Our mission is to provide our professional members with quality educational tools. It rests with those individual members to use the PACI system of education and training effectively so that student learning opportunities are maximised. This in turn provides the framework for a consistent approach to training and assessment with outcomes that are nationally recognised.

PACI commenced business operations in 1993 and was borne out of a need to develop a standardised approach to training and assessment with access to affordable insurance.  Through a process of consultation with other like minded individuals in the industry PACI developed a complete instructional system.  The system contains a set of Standards & Procedures for training delivery along with learning support material such as student self-study packages, diagnostic exams, supporting checklists and assessment instruments, instructional videos and instructional aide memoires (field-level instructional prompts).  The System allows for instructors to concentrate on training rather than worrying about what to teach and in what sequence.

Although the System is standardised, is still flexible enough to allow instructors to inject their own unique style and personality.

Through the development of the Instructional system, PACI has been able to negotiate cheaper rates of insurance for the itself and other instructors who choose to use the System.  The insurance covers both public liability and errors and omissions.  At a time when insurance has been very hard to find and premiums out of reach for the individual operator, PACI has had continued coverage at a discounted rate

In 1996, PACI took the next logical step and became a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). An RTO is an organisation that has demonstrated to the various State Training Authorities that it has the capacity to deliver quality training and assessment in accordance with the requirements of the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF).

In summary, PACI provides its members with access to:

*        Nationally recognised qualifications

*        Insurance scheme designed specifically for professional Height Safety operators

*        Group advertising opportunities

*        Opportunities to network with other industry professionals

*        Standardised Codes of Practice for conducting height safety training

*        Enhanced liability protection through use of a standardised instructional system

*        Credibility

Notwithstanding our status as an RTO, no business can hope to succeed without paying some attention to quality assurance. PACI has implemented a comprehensive quality assurance system based in part on the ISO 9000 standards and the VET quality principles.

It is important to note that although use of the PACI system will provide an increased measure of liability protection for those who choose to use it, no system can compensate for supervisory negligence.

Although our original business model was based around Outdoor Recreation, we found ourselves evolving into other more specialised applications of roping. With increasing demand for roping skills other than Outdoor Recreation, PACI responded by investing heavily in a new set systems and learning materials to cover industrial and public safety.

PACI now offers a full suite of training and assessment in each of the three forms of roping as follows:

Industrial Roping

Public Safety

Outdoor Recreation

*    Rope suspension work (AS4488)

*    Vertical Mobility

*    Abseiling

*    Tower Climbing & Rescue

*    Vertical Rescue

*    Top Rope Climbing

*    Working at Height

*    Team Leader training

*    Lead Climbing

*    Roof Access

*    Instructor training

*    Vertical Rescue

*    Tree Canopy Access


*    Leader/Guide training



*    Instructor training

By utilising the PACI System, training can be conducted across a range of industries and work contexts such as:

[ ] Construction – eg riggers, builders, roof workers, etc

[ ] Telecommunication – eg tower climbers

[ ] Emergency Service Providers – eg fire brigade, ambulance, police officers, SES

[ ] Mining industry – Height safety training, ERT rescue training, Industrial rope access services and training, etc

[ ] Outdoor Educators – ie professional guides & instructors.

In fact, just about anyone who works at height and is exposed to a risk of falling can benefit from PACI training.

The courses are constructed in a modular format which makes it easy for students to build on from previous courses and to expand their skill base.  The modular format allows for a continuing education pathway with out the need to repeat training unnecessarily. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is also a feature – in that individuals can apply to have their current knowledge and skills formally recognised. 

PACI training is competency based, meaning the training is concerned with the attainment and demonstration of specified skills, knowledge and their application to meet industry standards.

PACI training is real world.  Training is not confined solely to a classroom and whiteboard.  Students will be required to perform specific work tasks while at height.  Students will be trained while performing actual work duties.  This can involve having the student wearing a protective hazardous uniform (personal protective equipment (PPE) while practising vertical descents.  The training is designed so students will be work ready.

In recognition of our expertise, PACI was chosen to provide the Senior Assessor team for the Vertical Rescue component of the Annual Qld Mines Rescue Competition (consecutively from 2000-2006).  With 20 or mines competing, this has become a prestige event to enter.

 We have supplied height safety & rescue training to a number of clients, some of whom include;

 *      Skyrail Cairns ; Taronga Zoo - Cable way rescue / Instructor Training

*      Barrick (formerly Placer Dome Pacific) Osborne mine – ERT Vertical Rescue / Height Safety Training

*      Ernest Henry Mine; Mt ISA Mines; TSV Copper Refinery; and many other mine sites – ERT Vertical Rescue, Height Safety Training

*      Dept of Defence - Vertical Rescue, Climbing training

*      Australian Federal Police – ‘Specialist tactical roping’

*      NSW SCAT (Special Casualty Access Team) - Vertical Rescue / Instructor Training

*      Qatar Liquefied Gas Company – Height Safety and ERT Vertical rescue (on shore and offshore platforms)

*      Vegetation Solutions, GHD Engineeing, QUT – AS 4488 industrial rope access


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